Health Tech Alley is a non-profit based in Columbia, MD, Health Tech Alley is a non-profit based in Columbia, MD, and is an affiliate member of the Maryland Innovation Center (MIC). The organization was born out of the Maryland Health Tech Innovators group to address a growing yet underserved need in healthcare. Health Tech Alley supports healthcare organizations in providing quality and affordable healthcare especially to patient communities in underserved markets. Working with the MIC, public and private organizations, and businesses of all sizes, we are a networking and services delivery hub for digital health, health IT, and data analytics. A critical component of our mission is to catalyze support for organizations and workforce needs required for tomorrow’s healthcare.

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  • Our exclusive mission is enabling greater health care capability and capacity in underserved markets. 

  • We aim to change the paradigm that health technology training and implementation must be costly or difficult. 

  • We ensure organizations operating in underserved communities have access to knowledge and tools that larger, well-funded institutions enjoy.

  • We work closely with Medicaid providers and other organizations supporting rural and urban communities.

  • We are hands-on and results-oriented.

Leadership in Digital Health to Enhance Care 


Digital Health is fundamentally changing access to health delivery, user and patient experiences, cost models, and privacy and security practices. Healthcare providers know they need to adapt. Yet it can be difficult to know how to incorporate this massive and evolving set of digital health solutions into current practices. Many organizations lack the knowledge and resources to research and evaluate the cost, impact, and security and privacy risk of adopting new digital health solutions. Digital Literacy is key and we are here to help your organization navigate the digital health landscape. 


  • Assessment of Digital Health solutions

  • Provide awareness to enhance digital literacy

  • Support workforce development to foster training, community engagement, and equitable outcomes


Workforce Development and Training to Fill Skills Gaps

The healthcare industry has been hugely impacted by the pandemic as many future delivery models, especially the use of digital health products and services, are being accelerated due to the current environment. Digital health offers the promise of improving care and connectedness. However, health care workers on the frontlines are often not trained on the use and implementation of digital health tools that can make healthcare delivery more efficient, better inform patients, and generate actionable data.

Health Tech Alley provides workforce development programs to engage women and minorities in becoming Health IT professionals. We also provide regular, on-going training in security and regulatory compliance. In addition, we provide leadership coaching to improve performance and support healthcare leaders as they grapple with rapidly changing technology, regulations, and requirements. Our innovative approach of real-world, hands-on training with an understanding of the strategic bigger picture builds high performing teams. 


  • Provide Health IT and analytics fundamentals training

  • Address digital health concepts and solutions

  • Showcase analytics and informatics in real-time

Health IT Advisory Services to Manage Change 


The delivery of healthcare is changing rapidly with greater use of data, technology, third party solutions, and remote utilization. Your organization needs to make the best business decisions regarding vendor technologies, cybersecurity, data analytics, adoption of best practices, and organizational change management. We can help.


Our focus is on providing simplified and comprehensive solutions and services. Everything Health Tech Alley does is designed for community hospitals, healthcare clinics, specialty practices, and provider offices. You and your team are working hard to provide quality care. Effective use of technology is important but there is only so much you can do in a day. We know Health IT and we know it well. Health Tech Alley can help to:


  • Support patient care and operational efficiency through analytics

  • Reduce risk through cybersecurity assessments and implementations

  • Enhance the effectiveness of new technology through organizational change management.

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